Penang folks said 'No!', Najib seems to have missed it

13 Feb 2013 | 29,451 views

"Are we ready for BN?", When Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak asked the crowd that very question at the Penang state BN Chinese New Year open house on Monday, the crowd responded loud and clear.

Apparently, not loud and clear enough.

Netizens have referred to it as one of the highlights of the day, but no mention of it on Najib's official social media accounts.

A video highlight of the open house posted on Najib's Ah Jib Gor Facebook page, skips the part entirely after Nor Ashman and Najib's address.

On Najib's main Facebook page, no updates on Psy or the Chinese New Year open house were found.

However, on Najib's Twitter, he complimented Psy on his performance in Penang and denied the korean star was paid using public money.

As the official channels sweep it under the carpet, netizens have gone all out to highlight it, with the videos going viral in a matter of hours on Monday.

Not surprisingly, after two days of the event, a video appearing on a Pro-BN Facebook page, Basiran Nasional "Impian harapan Malaysia", shows the crowd responding "Yes", to the infamous question.

The authenticity of the latest clip is questionable as it appears to be edited. You can be the judge.