NGO Pengerang mahu Pakatan menang di Johor

9 Feb 2013 | 8,123 views

3hb Feb 2013, Kuala Lumpur: Himpunan Perdana Ummah Bersama PAS


First, I am from a coalition of Pengerang NGOs in Johor a fortress for Azalina Othman

I come here with a lot of expectations from the people of Pengerang, for Pakatan Rakyat to win this time around.

We in Pengerang are located at the end of the peninsula but be praised to Allah in our continued struggles to bring forward the people's issues only PAS and the other component parties of Pakatan Rakyat that have accepted us and helped us in recognising and tackling issues of the people

In our experience as an NGO we have leaders firstly we have not gone to political parties because we know we have community leaders.

But in our campaign to fight for our issues the State executive counsellor, the MP who have been chosen by us all, and even the PM who we have helped bring to power have not cared for us.

Our experience in Parliament where we had hoped Najib could see us as hardcore BN's hard core voters was completely ignored.

That is the value and reward that we have received as hardcore voters of Barisan Nasional, ladies and gentlemen.

This project is perhaps the biggest project during Najib's administration.

An oil and gas project that involves RM60 billion and according to Suhakam, the largest displacement of a majority Malay population in Malaysia.

And the second largest after Bakun involving 22,500 acres and close to 28,000 mainly Malay inhabitants will be displaced if this project is continued and now it is in the second phase of the hearing on land acquisition.

In our campaign, we have faced many trials and tribulations.

Even though this NGO is the platform for the people to demand their rights the party that is with us, will be with us.

And we in the coalition of NGOs, we see Pakatan Rakyat or PAS in particular have opened up space for us and have not discriminated on who we are and where we come from but in the principle of openness that have captured our hearts as villagers.

In this coalition of NGOs, we have veterans who are hardcore MIC and Umno members.

And when the character of the party and Pakatan component parties is shown without our asking, is what has attracted us to the party, who have in the past been influenced (by BN) as a bogey-man regardless of the image they have displayed.

So today, if we here are still unsure about the struggle that is being led by Pakatan, I feel it would be a waste if we as Malay-Muslims do not support because one of the many issues is a Malay-Muslim issue.

Only Parti Islam Se Malaysia (PAS) and the other component parties of the Pakatan Rakyat have received and accepted us and are helping us to address the issues of the people of Pengerang.

And now the issue that is hot is the relocation of burial grounds.

We have never questioned the position of the Mufti, but that is what has happened in the process that has deeply insulted us as Muslims and this was acknowledged by the Mufti when we had met him.

The main person that has brought up and brought forward this issue (of burial grounds) is a Chinese, the treasurer of our coalition.

He was the one who first brought up this issue to awaken us as Malays and Muslims there.

And he is the one who had given us courage as Muslims and Malays to further the cause of the people (of Pengerang).

We have no differences.

And this is what we have gotten and seen ourselves in the character and leadership of Pakatan Rakyat. And we from Pengerang are sincere in this.

Over there, we have never been asked by Pakatan Rakyat to vote for them.

But the character they have portrayed, with Allah's blessing, MIC there will open a PAS supporters club

And that is why this NGO is so required and the party need this NGO and we need the party because we are fighting for the same issues.

So, when we tell the story of hope we are hoping for the support of all of you here to help and spread the information because we are so much challenged by media and how to spread information.

When we see in the Chinese papers that they are consistent in our struggle but the Malay media is briddled and I would not be surprised that many do not know the issues of Pengerang.

So I think this is the best platform for me to pass on the message as representative of the the Pengerang community to bring up and to inform the people of the misfortune that has befallen the people of Pengerang and let us together wipe out Barisan Nasional, Allah willing.