Nik Aziz extends CNY greetings in MV

4 Feb 2013 | 9,787 views

A group of photography enthusiasts have been tasked by the Kelantan state government to capture the festive spirit of Chinese New Year in the state with breathtaking visuals and with the help of some big names.

The video starts with the caption "reunion dinner", a reoccurring theme, then the caption fades to reveal a time-lapse of Kota Bahru as night turns to day.

Set in the home of a senior couple, it explores the details of preparing to welcome not only the New Year, but also family members who make it a special occasion. 

The Menteri Besar of Kelantan, Nik Aziz Nik Mat makes a star appearance leading the CNY wishes followed by other state government officials.

Diversity in Kelantan is put on the center-stage, filled with both cultural and religious landmarks, it disproves the stereotypical idea of the PAS-ruled state.

The video parts with inspiring words of progress, hope and the renewal of all things with the coming of the new year.