PSY PLEASE don't attend BN's party, plead Malaysian fans

4 Feb 2013 | 58,354 views


Psy's Malaysian fans have flooded his Facebook page with messages pleading him not to become BN's political tool.

As of 3pm, Monday afternoon, more than three thousand messages from Malaysian Facebook users have been posted on his page.

A lengthy message in English being copy-pasted on almost all of Psy's recent Facebook updates, is asking him not to accept BN's invitation to come to Penang, as BN is a very corrupted party, and that Psy's performance would be paid for by taxpayers.

The message has also been translated into Korean to be posted on the page.

Other fans warned Psy not to come to Malaysia as his link to BN will tarnish his reputation.

Some fans also suggested that if Psy were to come to Penang, he should only perform the DAP parody version of his hit - the "Ubah Rocket Style", instead of his original "Oppa Gangnam style".

So far, Psy has not responded to any of the messages left by his Malaysian fans.