Pejuang Mao di Nepal

31 Jan 2013 | 836 views

It's been six years since Nepal's Comprehensive Peace Accord was signed to mark the end of the Nepalese civil war.

Under the agreement, former Maoist combatants were given two choices: join the army or retire.

Since last year, one thousand Maoist combatants joined the Nepalese Army -- they're now in training.

However, the majority of Maoists, nearly 14 thousand of them, have chosen voluntary retirement. They have been given funding from the government to help restart their lives.

Sunil Neupane went to met some of them. is in collaboration with Asia Calling, a media initiative from Jakarta to bring video news features to our viewers. In collaborating with Asia Calling, we hope to bring awareness of issues affecting people in Asia that goes unreported in our mainstream media.