Holy book reading in Penang

27 Jan 2013 | 10,032 views

Over in Penang, 17 people held a similar gathering at the esplanade.

Among participants were actress Mislina Mustaffa who said reading in the park is a good practise but has yet to become a culture for Malaysians and it is sometimes even disallowed.

"Is good to let people know that others are doing this, and especially to respond to calls to burn copies of Bible," she said.

About 10 police personnel monitored and recorded the group without interference.

Before the event ended at about 2pm, Penang Facebook Association president Salleh Ismail approached the group and made several demands, but the group ignored him.

Salleh did drew attention from reporters who wanted to know if he was from Perkasa. He did not provide a direct response and left.

Full Story: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/220027

Video by Low Chia Ming