Freedom Film Fest 2012 for online release

14 Jan 2013 | 2,284 views

Beginning January 14, you will be able to watch them online. Please share the link with your friends.

Below are the dates of the online release of the films:
Monday 14/01/13 MATI SEBELUM AJAL/RIGHTS OF THE DEAD by Tricia Yeoh
Monday 21/01/13 MCM': UTOPIA MILIK SIAPA? by Boon Kia Meng
Monday 28/01/13 RUSUHAN TERSEMBUNYI/SILENT RIOT by Nadira Ilana

Inconjunction with the online release, we will also be organising Google Hangout sessions with the directors. So if you have questions, please post them on @FreedomFilmFest twitter or Facebook account or email them to [email protected] and we will get the directors to respond during their Google Hangout session.

Details of Hangout sessions:
Friday 9pm 18/01/13 Hangout with Tricia Yeoh and guests.

Friday 9pm 25/01/13 Hangout with Boon Kia Meng and guests.
Friday 9pm 01/02/13 hangout with Nadira Ilana and guests

You can watch the hangouts LIVE on