The Green Walk has taken on a life of its own

22 Nov 2012 | 2,298 views

The line of green stretched for more than 1.5 kilometres outside of Bentong enroute to the Hot Spring, 18 km away, along the old Bentong Kuala Lumpur road on the morning of the 9th day of the 300km Green Walk.

When Wong Tack planned to walk 300km alone from Kuantan to Parliament in Kuala Lumpur, he could not have imagined the tremendous amount of public support he has garnered from the Malaysian public. Taking the lead in the walk from Bentong to the Hot Spring on the November 21, the line of green behind him took more than 15 minutes to clear the huge signboard which says " Selamat Datang ke Bentong."

Evidently, the Green Walk has taken on a life of its own.

The Green Walk has been well received by villages and towns along the 300km route. Malaysians from many other parts of the country are also participating in the walk. Many just came to provide financial and logistics support for the participants.

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Video by Citizen Journalist KS Tan