ACT 3: Perintah, we don't want the dam

5 Nov 2012 | 858 views

The distance between Baram and the nearest town, Miri is around 5 hours on a four-wheel-drive vehicle. 

Although it's just 5 hours, the attitude between the people living in the two areas on development is a world apart. 

When Malaysiakini spoke with businessmen and taxi drivers, most of them did not favour their Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, but they support the dam project and see it as development for the state. 

They feel that the suffering of the natives when they are moved from their ancestral land to make way for the dam is necessary sacrifice for the sake of development.

However, to the natives, the mega dam project is not development, it's "slaughter".

In this episode of the series on Baram natives, Malaysiakini together with Save Rivers, went to another long house, Long Liam. Long Liam is the village second nearest to the proposed Baram dam site. 

We interviewed some of the residents living in the village, most of them are not happy that the BN government did not fulfill the promises they made to the villagers. 
The Baram dam, has triggered the anger of the villagers towards the current ruling government. 

The people of Baram refer to the government as 'perintah'

Camera/Editing: Tan Jiun Wuu