Crying voices from Murum, Sarawak

22 Oct 2012 | 430 views

"Our way of life is living in a forest without borders" says Laping Sureh, age 50

"Our fruits are destroyed by water, our farmland, forests and rattan destroyed because of the dam. How are we to live ?" Bujang, age 40

"Better we die from hunger than to suffer the indignity of being bullied. We Penan are not animals. Better we die here (at the blockade) than to see our homes sink under the Murum Dam," Senang Kallang age 27

Each morning Penan set out into the forests or farmland to forage for food, hunt small animals, collect rattan and sago and medicincal herbs. Even though this longhouse is 40km away from the Murum Dam, the Penan residents here have been ordered to shift to other areas.

Video by Citizen Journalist, KS Tan.