Pro-BN ngos police report against Anwar

5 Oct 2012 | 2,577 views

A group of pro-BN NGOs has lodged report in Dang Wangi police headquarter to investigate opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and three PR parliamentarians, for bringing three foreign lawyers in testifying Scopene case before parliament.

Dzulkarnain Taib, spoke on the capacity of Youth Malaysian Journalism Club president, questioned the rights of Anwar Ibrahim and Suaram in handling the case.

"In the case of Scopene submarine deal, does Suaram's interest? What interest do they have?.... Do they make loss from the deal?"

Hence, he requested Home Ministry to investigate the matter as soon as possible.

Two days ago, PR parliamentarians [] announced in parliament that Anwar Ibrahim has invited Suaram lawyers William Bourdon and Joseph Breham as well as DCNS lawyer Olivier Metzner, to brief before current parliament session.
Camera/Editing:-Fendi Zulkfley
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