Anna Har: Human Rights eduction should be a priority for Pakatan

25 Sep 2012 | 698 views

Petaling Jaya, September 23: The 2012 Freedom Film Fest ended on a high-note today with improved attendances over the two-day event which for the first time, was combined with an arts festival.

Apart from screenings of the winning entries, other documentary films were also screened many award winning documentaries.

At the arts festival, workshops were conducted for cartoon drawing, video and camera techniques and also a 'Band Rakyat' workshop on music and lyric composition. The participants of this workshop were given the opportunity to perform to a live audience.

Festival director and Komas co-founder Anna Har whilst upbeat about the success of this year's event hopes for a better working relationship with co-sponsor, the Selangor State government in bringing human rights eduction to the public...

Camera and editing: Shufiyan Shukur
Additional footage: Lutfi Hakim