Marlborough College Malaysia: Beacon of educational excellence

9 Sep 2012 | 647 views

Education is big business, and can be hugely expensive.
In Iskandar Malaysia, south of Johor there is Edu City; an educational hub where the campuses of foreign universities and schools will 'set up shop'.

Now there is the Newcastle University Faculty of Medicine. Soon Southampton and Reading Universities will set up their Malaysia campuses.

And for school level education, there is the recently opened, highly prestigious Marlborough College. Yes the same Marlborough College located in the town of Marlborough in Wiltshire, England, founded in 1843 is now in Malaysia.

Marlborough College boasts of the scions of some of England if not Europe's rich and famous.

This was Kate Middleton's (now Duchess of Cambridge wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge) former school.

And probably some of Malaysia's rich and royal have gone there too.