Mislina Mustaffa: Going Homeless Part II

8 Sep 2012 | 52,308 views

Mislina Mustaffa is not your average actor. You won't see her heavily made up, in designer clothing or smelling like a Chanel perfume or in a BMW coupe. But you will see her, hair cropped, in tattered t-shirt and 'seluar randai' (as our Judin describes it).

She challenges the norm. Coming from a middle-class Malay-Muslim upbringing, you would not expect her to be how she is now. She even keeps a dog as pet; a red poodle she calls Atan.

Now Mislina is in a quest -- to feel how a person deprived of the basic security of living, feel and live. So she has gone homeless ...

Video by Shanice See
Story and editing: Shanice See
Camera: Azudin Hidzir