A message for LGBTs

31 Aug 2012 | 2,009 views

This video was made to give hope to young LGBT Malaysians, to let society know about the discrimination that is faced by the LGBT community of Malaysia and to ask for Malaysians to stand up for equality and to stand against homophobia and discrimination.

The participants are from all ways of life; editors, fashion line owners, lecturers, students and NGO Workers. 
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Samuel Aw, 18: Samuel is currently a student in Taylor's university's american degree program, leaving for the unites states the next year to complete his degree in political science and psychology. He believes that it is only right that people stand up against homophobic discrimination. And that is why he joined the project, to help raise awareness amongst fellow Malaysians that the lgbt community is here, then, now and will always be, and that homophobic discrimination shouldn't be tolerated at all. 

Aaron Wong, 17: Aaron is currently sitting for his SPM examinations and intends to pursue a degree in the chemisty field. He hopes that one day, he can make a change in Malaysia despite the fact that people are constantly telling him that change will take a long time. 

Julia Tan Li Wen,19: Julia has just completed her A Levels and will be pursuing a degree in Economics at University College London. Growing up, she was always taught that being LGBT is wrong and felt alone and afraid when she was discovering her sexuality. This is why she decided to take on this project because she didn't want anyone to have to experience what she did and she wanted young LGBT Malaysians to know that who they are is not wrong, despite what society might tell them.