Zunar's animation: Antu Tuya & Dato Nazak

14 Aug 2012 | 52,595 views

From Zunar's site:

This 5-minute satirical comedy clip is the first animated political cartoon in Malaysia. The production is to meet the demands of fans as well as to venture a new dimension in my career using technologies.

'1 Funny Malaysia' starts with the scene of an ex-model, ANTU TUYA, a victim of C-4 bomb, who rises from the grave with her small baby. She then flies to the government administration centre – PUTARJAYA – looking for someone named DATO NAZAK. She enters DATO NAZAK's office and demands him to TEPATI JANJI by paying her commission. Shocked, DATO NAZAK immediately jumps out of the window and falls onto a cow with a head of a woman in tudung.

The cow runs DATO NAZAK into the sea and tosses him onto the submarine, but at the other end of the sea, the French Court is waiting. Watch the full clip. I would like to thank all cartoonists, animators and the editor for their effort in making this production a success despite the extremely low budget.

I plan to continue for the next series, but an animation production cannot proceed without financial help. I hope fans and supporters can contribute on the funding through this website "zunarcartoonist.com".

By: Zunar