Putting the camera in Archana's hands

18 Jan 2010 | 32,896 views

 Documentary stories are often those of the filmmakers and not the communities where a development project has taken place. I wanted to try something different on the community-based 'Fish Culture' project that I lead.
In July 2009, together with filmmakers from the Bangladesh NGO Proshika, two men and two women from Melandi village in Rajshahi were trained for a week in video camera techniques, before they wrote and produced their own film.

The experience was one of the most rewarding and inspiring of my life, particularly as I watched the transformation of one of the women, Archana, during the course of the training, and the power that the video camera confers.

I have written this account to try to convey something of the participatory video (PV) experience, which has the power to transform communities by giving them a voice, often unheard as a result of their remoteness from centres of power.


Video edited by Mustafa Abu Sayeed, Proshika-Bangladesh.


Article by Natasja Sheriff, Citizen Journalist


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