Muslim NGOs to Gov't: Resolve legal inter-faith issues

15 Apr 2014 | 56 views

A group of Muslim NGOs from Negri Sembilan said today that a comprehensive and fair solution must be drawn up to address issues of unilateral conversion of children when one spouse converts to Islam.

They were referring to the current case of Izwan Abdullah, a Muslim convert father who took away his six-year-old son from the custody of his former wife according to a Syariah court order last year granting him custody of the children.
His Hindu ex-wife, S Deepa, won custody of their two children from the High Court in Seremban last Monday, but the NGOs claim that the civil court custody order did not cancel out the Syariah court order, which granted custody to Izwan Abdullah, formerly known as N Viran.

The NGOs sent out a plea for calm and to allow the legal procedures to take its course.

This is the most recent of similar cases that has plagued the nation that has added increasing tension to the already frayed inter-faith and inter-racial relations.