Yati on 'Aku Siapa' - Is the hijab mandatory?

20 Apr 2014 | 1,146 views

One could attribute three events, that are perhaps watersheds in the Islamisation of the Malays and by default, of the peninsula.

1. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 when a decadent monarchic regime was overthrown and a theocratic one took its place
2. Anwar Ibrahim enters the government in 1982. Coming from the Islamic youth organisation ABIM, he has been identified as the person who 'encouraged' the wearing of the hijab in government offices
3. September 11, 2001 and the subsequent US conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan and the resulting Islamophobia that gripped the West resulting in increased anti-Judeo-Christian sentiments amongst the Malays.

Filmmaker Norhayati Kaprawi takes us through the reasons behind Aku Siapa, her documentary on the hijab which atempts to decipher the compulsoriness of the attire for Muslim women, or not.